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Peter Provenzano

Peter B. Provenzano

Peter and Faye

Peter & Fay Provenzano

Peter B. Provenzano Digital Archive

About the Archive

The Peter B. Provenzano Digital Archive tells the story a flyer, from the heydays of barnstorming to the end of World War II. Taken directly from photo albums, scrapbooks, flight logs, personal correspondence, and from those who were closest to him, this document serves as a firsthand account of the life of Peter Provenzano.

About the Archive's Developers

The culmination of years of research, this project is only possible through the assistance and contributions of Peter Provenzano's family. The lead developer is Ted Gayford. Ted is a research librarian, information literacy trainer, and web developer.

About the Archive's Timeline

Building an archive is a highly time consuming and technical project. Each section will be updated and made available as it is completed. Check back regularly for the latest updates.

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