Service in the Royal Air Force

Unbeknownst to his wife, family, and friends, in August of 1940, Peter made his way across the border to Canada. Upon arriving in Canada he called his parents to inform them that he had enlisted in the Royal Air Force (RAF). With 529 hours of civilian flight time, he enlisted on August 24 in Ottawa. He spent less than two weeks in Canada. During which he proved his proficiency as a pilot. In mid-September, he boarded the Royal Mail Ship (RMS) Erin, bound for England. Disembarking at Liverpool on September 14, 1940, he spent the next fifteen months in the United Kingdom. His first day of flying in the RAF was September 17, 1940, and his last day of flying was November 30, 1941. During which time he racked up 484 hours of flight time.

Initially, he went to the Central Flying School (CFS) at RAF Station Upavon, from September 17 until October 7. He then transferred into the 5th Service Flight Training School (SFTS), where he received military flight training from October 15 to December 26.

On January 15, 1941, he transferred into the 71st Eagle Squadron, where he served until July 28, 1941. He then transferred back to the Central Flying School (CFS) at RAF Station Upavon. There he was trained as a flight instructor from July 28, 1941 to September 6, 1941.

After passing Central Flying School (CFS), Peter spent the next three months, from September 8 to December 8, as a flight instructor with the 1st Service Flight Training School (SFTS) at RAF Station Netheravon. At the end of December 1941, Peter boarded the HMS Morton Bay, bound for Canada.

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